President Message

President Message

Dear Community friends, 

Although many of us enjoy this monsoon-like season, these heavy rains are becoming an issue in the wellbeing of our community. 

Many of you have watched as I have, the heartbreaking videos and pictures of the effects of flooding in all part of Nebraska and Iowa. Several roads are flooded, as well as some homes themselves. This is occurring all over south east Nebraska and our neighbors neighboring state Iowa. 

As members of the community, Nebraska Nepalese Society has opened GoFundMe account to collect funds that goes to the emergency management department in any of our cities, counties, states or any government or non-governmental agencies providing assistance to victims of the disaster cause by floods. Many of you may have already given to a charity of your choice and that is wonderful, but this opportunity is being given to those who are unsure of where to give. If you are donating tangible things, you can contact Red Cross, The Salvation Army or churches around you. They will truly appreciate it. 

As we know, we are not able to meet every need that comes our way. And while we cannot do everything alone, I believe if we all get together, we can do something significant. While all of us may not be able to help, I believe all can give something to our neighbors that are having difficulties. Once again, to anyone and everyone who needs support, we are here and will do our best to help you all.

Everyone stay safe and please help if you can. 


Raj Acharya



Nebraska Nepalese Society