President Message

President Message


It is my distinct pleasure to serve as President of the Nebraska Nepalese Society (NNS) for the years 2018-2019. Leading this outstanding organization that aims in providing reach to our own heritage, while transforming as means to educating the younger generation for a well-informed and culturally inclusive future, is an honor and privilege. I am very excited and hopeful for what lies ahead of us in these two years.

The NNS is a nonprofit (501(c)3) and membership supported organization registered in the State of Nebraska. It was founded in 2001. Its objective is to preserve and promote the Nepalese traditions, culture and help its community. when needed while remaining a charitable and humane organization.

Over the last decade, our organization has accomplished many wonderful things and helped develop a positive sense of community for all of us who represent NNS. We now have a unique opportunity, in hand, to help shape the future of the children, youth, and the Nepalese community of Nebraska as a whole. In efforts to strengthen the ties with our culture, we plan to continue to organize our major festivals, that include, Nepali New Years, Teej Party, Dashain and Tihar programs. We also aim to shed light on our local sports community, ranging from indoor games, golf tournaments, to our annual soccer tournament, and more. To add, we would like to tap-into and provide resources for our successfully run Nepali School. Amongst the various focal points of our new initiative, we plan to establish a physical property for our community. A community center is a dream project of NNS and one of our major priority this year is to work wholeheartedly to transform this dream into reality. Stepping outside of our own community, we as NNS will proudly participate in the local Omaha community to bring a sense of societal inclusiveness, i.e. blood drives, food drives, and any form of emergency fundraising. In order to continue our success, we call on you, the community, to work with us, as we strive to make our organization the best it can be. I urge you to come forward and get involved with NNS. Please place an effort to develop encouragement and curiosity by spreading the words to your family and friends to join us in this endeavor. Your input to our community will be highly appreciated and future generations will remember you for your farsightedness. We, as a team, are very grateful for the service and participation that you have provided in all these years, but without your donations, sponsorships, engagement, and support, we would not be able to help as we do.

Many times, if not always, as individuals, we are told to look after and provide care for the things we find dear to us. It is time for us to broaden that very perspective and reach out to include our organization to form a truly coherent society. “Our Community, Our Responsibility” was chosen as this year’s theme to bring a more empowering definition to the idea of “care and support”. Our newly formed group of smart, humble, and dedicated board members are up to this challenge to bring coherency in our community in these two years.

I invite you to join us, as we live our mission by attending our cultural programs and participating in our open-to-public council meetings. Nothing is impossible when we team-up and work together. I look forward to working with my team, meeting all of you, and hope you too will accept the challenge to “look after and care” for NNS.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace and soul generated by love” – Coretta Scott King.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller



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Raj Acharya

Nebraska Nepalese Society (NNS)