President Message

President Message

Dear Nebraska Nepalese Community Members/Friends,

        First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and great respect to all the well-wishers who have elected me as the president of Nebraska Nepalese Society, provided me with suggestions and enthusiasm and believed that I could bear the responsibility towards this society. I am feeling so happy and proud of getting such a golden opportunity to do the work as the president of this institution. I believe in deeds rather than words. So, I would like to assure all of you that I will definitely perform my duties and responsibilities even at the last hour of my tenure as per the rules and regulations of the society and the constructive suggestions given by the team and general members who are here in this locality. I am strongly committed that I will maintain the complete social harmony, brotherhood, family friendly relationship, cultural unification, cooperation, social tolerance, sympathy, and empathy among all the respected brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers and all the Nepali members of our society. I will not leave any stone unturned. I hope all my team members and everyone involved will cooperate with me to meet the goals of this society.

           We have a bitter reality to face.We have not been successful in building a community center and a seminar hall despite having rigorous efforts since two decades of the establishment of this institution. Therefore, me and my team have prioritized and made a masterplan to carry out this work during our team’s tenure.

              In addition, we have made another comprehensive plan that could be quite relevant and significant for bringing Nepali community in the chain of contact and understanding. We have planned to cooperate with all Nepali members who come from our motherland, Nepal for the first time or migrate to Nebraska from other 49 states of America. We are planning to help them for their settlement, employment and other essential counseling programs that could help them to settle down in Nebraska. For this beautiful work, a contact committee will be formatted and cooperative, rescue and relief programs will be launched. We will effectively add required volunteers and mobilize them wisely for the betterment of those targeted Nepalese groups.

       Even though we are living here in the United States, Nepal is always in our hearts. We may even be an American citizen, but our nationality of Nepal will never be lost. So, our team will effectively continue the programs that preserve our originality. It’s our duty to preserve our Nepali culture and hand it over to the future generations who will be staying here in America. All the programs that were conducted by preceding society teams such as Nepali arts, cultures, traditions, and festivals and all other programs will be continued. However, we will have some reformations and give some new vibes in this state. Due to the lesser impact of Covid at present, we are hopeful that we will be able to run different programs throughout the year such as cultural programs, children’s special programs, sports, blood donation, Health camps, picnic, relief fund collection, and several others that will bring all of us together.

Finally, I would like to appeal to all of the ladies and gentlemen of our society and hope me and my team will get cordial and entire support, and back up for the effective running, completion and reaching the destinations of the aforementioned programs. I will always look forward to having constructive suggestions and guidelines from all of you. I believe help and cooperation is the backbone of the success for our organization and the people involved in it. Finally, I would like to express sincere gratitude to all the team members who have shown greater enthusiasm and positive vibes for the volunteer social service under my leadership.

     Thank you and thank you all. 


Dhirendra Neupane 

President,  Nebraska Nepalese Society  2022-2024