2018 Dashain Festival Party

  • Event Name:

    2018 Dashain Festival Party

  • Location:

    Location will be announced in later date

  • Date:

    Oct 20, 2018

  • Start Time:

    05:00 pm

  • End Time:

    11:00 pm

  • Contact Person:

    Raj Acharya

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Dashain runs from the “bright moon” until the full moon in the Hindu month of Ashvin, lasting for 15 days. On the gregorian calendar, it falls in either September or October, varying from year to year due to the differences between a lunar versus a solar based time-keeping system. During Dashain, many Nepalese businesses and public buildings will be closed, so the tourist will need to plan ahead carefully.


Dashain is celebrated to mark the victory, according to Hindu religious writings, of Ramayan over the evil demon-king, Ravana, and over the demon Mahisasur, who cruelly terrorised the people of India in the form of a raging water buffalo. The Hindu goddess Durga was said to be instrumental in winning these victories, so she is especially worshiped at this time