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Beauty Without Limit

Beauty Without Limit

7th Annual Pageant, Miss Nepal US 2019 Introducing...

This year the Miss Nepal US Pageant is officially inaugurating it's "Beauty Without Limit" platform. Known as a leadership pageant that provides a stage to groom our titleholders into beautiful leaders, we are now integrating a test for those core leadership qualities. Over the course of our six-year reign, we have recognized the leadership and entrepreneurial works of each of our titleholders, subtitle holders and contestants. In the hopes of spotlighting and accentuating the unique works of each of our past, current and future participants we are adding this leadership component to the Miss Nepal US Leadership Pageant starting this year!


How will the "Beauty Without Limit" platform be incorporated into the Miss Nepal US 2019 Pageant?

This year each contestant will represent a platform, social impact initiative, community service, or project that she is passionate about as her "Beauty Without Limit" platform. She will promote her "Beauty Without Limit" platform leading up to the pageant weekend and also on stage at the Grand Finale.


Each contestant will deliver a 30 second speech on-stage about her "Beauty Without Limit" platform, which will then be followed by a direct question related to her platform from one judge. This will allow all contestants to not only rock the stage, but also the mic!


How will the contestant's "Beauty Without Limit" platform presentation be evaluated?

Each contestant's "Beauty Without Limit" platform presentation will make up 50% of the on-stage score, 25% will be based on her speech and 25% will be based on her Q&A. She will be judged on her the effectiveness of her Q&A, choice of words, message and overall delivery style. We want to highlight that communication is a key component of effective leaders! 


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