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Dear Community Members,

Nebraska Nepalese Society is our organization and we all own it. Without full participation from each and every one of you, we cannot successfully exist. NNS success is all of our success; every Nepali is responsible and commended for their contribution made for its well-being. Let us collectively put the past behind us, personal differences aside and move this community to the next level. For this to happen, full-fledged sincere participation is a fundamental need today.

Your job as a community member is to contribute for betterment of our society. Our responsibility as a NNS Board and Executive Team is to be transparent in all our actions, decision and become compatible. We will be utilizing various social media platforms (primarily Facebook) to this end. “Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much” as Helen Keller stated, so let’s stand together, stand as one.

NNS greatly appreciates and recognizes all your contributions made to this organization thus far. More importantly, we hope every one of you will continue to actively get involved and contribute to this organization.

We look forward to working with you and most importantly hope all community members will share ideas, recommended best practices, and finally yet importantly share your concerns and comments directly without any hesitation. 2015-2017 NNS Board and Executive Team believe that everyone (young or old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated and so forth) we can contribute equally to greater success.

2015-2017 NNS Board and Executive Team are honored to have responsibility of representing all Nepalese, supporters and other well-wishers residing in Nebraska.

Thank You,

Dev Raj Kandel

Dev Raj Kandel
NNS President