Proposal Letter to board of Trustees PDF 

Dear Trustees,
We appreciate your continuous contribution to our organization. We respect current Bylaws and will abide to follow it. However, the current executive board would like to redefine some terminologies in Bylaws as per current demands.

The executive council with the 2/3 of the majority proposes to modify the definition of ‘Life-time Trustee’. The decision came about at the executive committee meeting on February 2, 2013 (also included in our minute). Please find below the reasoning for the proposed modification of the definition of ‘Life –time Trustee’’.

1) In the democratic system, no one is assigned as lifetime trustee for his/her whole life period in the world.
2) A general worldwide concept: As the time goes by, the output level of a person decreases by which his/her contribution decreases.
3) Opportunity should be given to the new qualified ones to generate new ideas.

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